Minimalism: Why I want to do this?

I chanced upon ‘practical minimalism’ on becoming minimalist. His story resonated with me. In the past, I have spent every holiday cleaning something or the other. My husband often says that I am far more interested in cleaning than anything else. Of course he is wrong. I love the outcome of cleaning and not the process so much. I want a clean and organized house, and I want to use my time more productively. I don’t want to clean my house when I should be playing with my son. I don’t want to organize stuff when I should be watching a movie with my husband. Clearly, this isn’t happening with too much stuff.

My husband and I are not stuff-oriented. We love our life, the way it is. If somebody randomly asked me what would I do with some X amount of money, I would never have an answer beyond ‘buy books’. We have moved from a double income family to a single income one without any hiccups.

I read a lot of blogs across the internet. I found inspiration in their wisdom. Yes, many things which they tell you would seem to be obvious or common knowledge but the big deal is finding the inspiration to implement. Knowledge and implementation are two different things. My aim is to make practical minimalism a way of life. I am not selling all my stuff and travelling the world. I just want to remove all the things which don’t add any value to my life; and in the process, pass on an important life skill to my son.

What makes me believe Minimalism is the answer to living a fulfilling life? I read a lot about it and thought as much. So, I don’t see any harm in trying it out. Minimalist lifestyle will at least make me more mindful. And it is a great side-effect of pursuing a minimalist life.


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