Donate / Sell / Pass on – one thing a day

There are several ideas for starting your journey into practical minimalism and I have decided to try this out. I have started to sell or donate 1 Thing per day (on an average). So on some days I give away 5-6 items while on some days, nothing moves. It might sound like a big thing but honestly, in the beginning, it is not. So what are the things I am going to start with? New sarees and dress materials which have never been used, baby stuff like clothes and toys, items which are in multiples, freebies and books. As someone said:

You don’t have to see the whole stair case, just take the first step.”


2 thoughts on “Donate / Sell / Pass on – one thing a day

  1. Isn’t it incredible how much un-used stuff you can accumulate?
    I like your approach in getting rid of small numbers of things frequently, it’s simple and powerful 🙂


    1. Yes. It is incredible and the road to reverse this damage is challenging. You can’t just throw everything out. The real minimalist is also an environmentalist. So, we need to find someone for each of our stuff, who would have use for it. Ah! it would have been easier to not buy at all. Nevertheless, it is important to start this journey. Thank you for dropping by 🙂


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