The Roadblocks to Minimalism

What roadblocks could there be if you have decided to let go? Several. Minimalism does not mean wastefulness. A minimalist invariably is also an environmentalist or trying to be one. Throwing away stuff is unacceptable. The production of any item involves a lot of energy and to not use it fully and throw it before it has completed its usefulness can be sacrilegious. So, when you are de-cluttering from your home, you don’t just go and dump your stuff somewhere. You also need to find someone who would have use for that product. Be judicious. Sometimes people are ready to accept what you are giving away, only to clutter their own homes. I find it disturbing even if it is not my problem anymore.

Another challenge is when you would want to sell some of your stuff. You cannot give away everything because all of it has cost you money. Naturally, you would want to sell some of it. Now, selling can take a lot of time if you are not selling them at throwaway prices.

These things can really slow you down.


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