That turning point in your Life – Having a Child

I really don’t remember the kind of person I wanted to be before I had baby, but motherhood certainly has been a turning point in my life. I strive to be an inspiration for my child. I want to have a direct and correct answer to every question he asks, without ever having to answer his ‘Whys’ with ‘because that’s what happens’ or ‘just like that’.

I never had any image of what my life would be after baby. I never once imagined that I would not be working. But once that moment came, it looked like the most obvious thing to do. Let me be clear, the primary reason of quitting my regular job was not baby, it was to pursue my passion – writing. But motherhood took precedence over writing. I have nothing against working mothers. It is about an individual’s priorities. And since I wasn’t earning the bread and butter, it was an easy decision to take.

When you have a baby, you start questioning everything – your lifestyle, your habits, your beliefs. Mall-hopping and shopping are popular pastimes of our generation. Though I have been there, done that; only earning money has never been the single most important thing in my life.

Even before I decided to pursue practical minimalism, I have never gone berserk shopping for our son. We buy few clothes at one time because young kids outgrow their clothes very quickly. We also do not believe in splurging on toys because initially kids love playing with real things around the house, not the toys. We invested in Lego blocks and that has been the most expensive item bought for our son. Kids are not worried about clothes, if it has not rubbed off from us. Kids are not worried about toys either. Moreover, kids need to be bored sometimes. Only then they invent their own games. That’s how we played when we were kids, right?

Sometimes I do feel consumed by the idea of what am I passing on to my son. Am I glamorizing consumerism by my actions? Am I leading a healthy lifestyle? Do I exercise? Do I pursue creative and productive hobbies? Do I seek moments of togetherness and make time for loved ones? Are my beliefs and values just a baggage or do I really believe in them? Am I doing my bit to raise a world citizen? Am I burdening him with my own thoughts, mindset and prejudices? And at the same time, motherhood also inspires me to pursue my passion because that’s what I would want my son to do!


3 thoughts on “That turning point in your Life – Having a Child

  1. I feel the same way you do. We are very similar with our son too in regards to materialistic things. Being a parent is the most challenging/inspiring/motivating/contemplative time for me as well. It certainly forces you to evolve in ways you may have never considered and quickly shows us our own true colors. 🙂 Sounds like you’re doing great and that little boy is very lucky.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Brieanna. You are absolutely right in saying that while we raise a child, we also evolve. And it is great to be able to discover so many facets of our personalities.

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