3 Minimalist Exercises that I Love

Like in everything else, I seek simplicity and minimalism in my workouts too. The chances of continuing the exercise routines are much higher if they are simple and easy to pursue.

Following are the 3 Minimalist exercise routines that I love:

  1. Running

There cannot be anything simpler than running. You can do it anywhere, anytime. You can do it during any kind of season and also during your vacations. You are not dependent on a trainer or a class or a group of people; you progress according to your body. Running, if done well and consistently, has several benefits. Apart from keeping you energized, it also improves your metabolism and immunity.

I used to run as a kid. One of my friends and I would go for runs in our sports ground at 4 am. It was easy for me to get back to running. It is also an excellent way to spend time with yourself.

2. Surya Namaskar

If you have followed Kareena Kapoor’s size zero story, you must have already heard about Surya Namaskar. I learnt it in Class 4 at a camp organized by our school. I even won a prize in that camp for demonstrating Surya Namaskar asanas. When I re-discovered Surya Namaskar for a full body workout, I was thrilled. I did not have to learn something new; I just had to brush up my knowledge. One set includes 12 asanas. I consider 1 cycle to be 12 repetitions of 1 set, and I usually do 3 cycles on any day when I cannot run but want to exercise.

If you do the asanas slowly, it is great for stretching; if you do it fast, it is a great Cardio. Do not eat or drink anything before or immediately after Surya Namaskar.

3. Rope Jumps

As a little girl, I used to do different variations of rope jumps. Yet again, something that I had done in my childhood came back to me easily. Sometimes, when I am not able to do any kind of exercise, I just do 500 rope jumps. You need to learn the proper technique and find your rhythm to do it for a long time at a stretch. Many athletes and sportsmen use rope jumps for their warm up.

You don’t need much for any of these exercise routines. They are minimalist exercises which you can do anywhere, anytime. But it is important to educate yourself adequately about each of these exercise routines to avoid any kind of injuries.


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