The Role of a Spouse

What is the role of a spouse?

How do you know you’ve met the right person? How do you decide you are going to work in perfect tandem over the years?

After 9 years of marriage and 13 years of knowing each other, after our own experiences and observing other people; I can only say, nobody can know for sure how a marriage will be! I didn’t know. Actually, I never thought that far. I just decided I wanted to get married to this person. Perhaps that was my first life-changing decision.

And I come back to my question, what is the role of a spouse?

Now when I think in retrospect, I feel every brave decision that I have taken is because of the knowledge that I have the unconditional support of this other person. He has been the wind beneath my wings. And perhaps that is the reason those decisions which other people consider brave haven’t felt that way. That kind of unconditional support can truly liberate you.

He is the one on whose shoulder I cried on when I did not do well in a subject. He is the one I confided in. He is the one who waited for 3 hours (till 3 am) outside my creative agency, when I had to put a catalogue to print. He is the one who held my hand when I went into labour. He is the one who wakes up no matter what time he slept, to drop me off for runs in the morning. He has always been that 2 am friend to me.

When I wanted to work, when I wanted to quit; when I didn’t want to have a baby, when I wanted to have one; when I wanted to choose a certain style of parenting, when I wanted to choose a certain school – he has always understood, no matter how unpopular or unconventional the choices have been.

The right person can totally bring the best in you by just letting you be, by just being there when you want to take decisions, and by not pointing out ‘I told you so’ when you fail.

That is the role of a spouse – to keep you grounded, to set you free!


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