2016 – Retrospective

I had written about my Must-Dos for 2016, and here’s what I have been able to achieve in the last one year:

  1. Run More – I, certainly, ran more than 2015. I was largely into 5Ks during 2015. In 2016, I ran a couple of 10Ks in events and found some friends to do Sunday runs. I did have a lull period of a couple of months due to a health scare but the main thing is to bounce back through vacations, guests or illnesses. This year, I will hopefully do my first Half Marathon (21K).
  2. Travel More – I traveled but not more than 2015. We went to Ooty and Diveagar in 2016. We had traveled to Delhi, Rishikesh, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Pondicherry, Goa, Lavasa in 2015.
  3. Write Daily – I did not write daily. In fact, I did not write much. This year Writing is one of my biggest focus areas because I’m pursuing writing professionally.
  4. Read More – I did not read more books. I read almost the same. I had read 14 books in 2015, I managed to read 12 in 2016 but I did finish the tome ‘A Suitable Boy’ and it was underwhelming.
  5. Declutter – As someone who is working towards a Minimalist lifestyle, I made a lot of progress. I have been actively decluttering since more than 2 years and continued to do it through 2016.
  6. Buy Less – I did not buy any book for myself. I bought a few books for my son about 6 months back on his birthday. I bought some clothes for myself after much planning and deliberation, but that was almost a year ago.
  7. Disconnect (from gadgets) – Finding balance in using gadgets still eludes me. I don’t want to be connected all the time, it actually comes in the way of being mindful about activities which you are otherwise pursuing.
  8. Drive More – I started well in January by driving everyday to school but it just fizzled out after January. I need to look out for opportunities to practice more.
  9. Learn to Make – I learnt to make a lot of things. I learnt to make Ghee and haven’t looked back. The aroma of home-made Ghee is something else. I baked whole-wheat cake umpteen number of times and also tried my hand at Nankhatais. I tried besan ke laddoo. I started using organic shampoo for my hair.
  10. Learn to Meditate – I had absolutely no progress on this.

I learnt that it is important to focus on only a few things and be more specific (quantify goals). I hope to have a more productive and more fulfilling year; even 2016 was great! I survived, right? I am healthy and happy. I have people I love. What is there to complain? I am actually grateful for all the wonderful times I had in 2016.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year! Hope you find Happiness and Fulfillment in everything that you do 🙂


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