Revamp Branded Jute Bags


My son recently started going to the big school. He was supposed to carry a Library Bag made of cloth or paper. I had this small Jute bag with me for many years now. It was one of those branded bags that companies use for marketing.

Now because of it’s size, I never got around to using it.This need for a Library bag for books gave me an opportunity to revamp this branded bag.

I was lucky to find another Jute bag at home which had also never been used because it was too big; and luckily, it had a pocket which could easily be taken off. It was in bright green color which perfectly matched my little cream colored jute bag.

I used patches of green Jute to cover the company names on both sides. I used Yellow thread to write ‘Books’ on one side and my son’s name on the other.

It was fun to make use of my embroidery skills after at least 20 years; and my little boy was thrilled and proud to show it off!

I’m gravitating more and more towards making things these days. More things will follow here soon.






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