Happy 10th Anniversary



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10 Years!

We have come a long way, buddy!

When I met you, in 2003, 14 years back, I didn’t know we were meant to be together.

It was just the other day, I was driving you crazy and running pillar to post to find matching jewellery and footwear for my trousseau. I find it infinitely funny now. Ostentatious weddings are sheer waste of money. (Here’s my free advice to anyone who cares to pay heed – please spend more time and attention on making your wedding memorable rather than on your clothes and so-called candid photography.)

Folks used to warn against love marriage. It doesn’t work. But we went ahead anyway. I never thought much about it. I knew this was the person I wanted to spend my life with. Thank God! I was right. And I am always, always grateful for this.

Of course, we have had our challenges, we still do. Who doesn’t? It would be boring to agree on everything. But we have found harmony in being different, agreeing to disagree, arguing and reconciling because that’s how we discover more about life and about each other.

We are so different. You seek adventure, I find comfort in routine. You make friends easily, I appear unapproachable. You love beaches, I love hills. You love videos, I love to read. And yet we are so alike in our upbringing, in our values, in giving priority to happiness over materialism and in seeking simple pleasures of life.

And the most important thing of all, in this unequal patriarchal world, there is nothing I cherish more than being considered equal in every possible way. Equality and respect are undoubtedly the two most important pillars of marriage. I think I am just lucky to have found a partner who values that too.

10 years!

Are we getting old? I hope not. I just wish we get fitter with every passing day and live life to the fullest, in the present. I learned that from you, to live in the moment, to make the best of every single day and not wait for ‘the occasions’. I hope you also learn something from me ha ha!

Happy 10th Anniversary 🙂



4 thoughts on “Happy 10th Anniversary

  1. As per me marriage is always success when it happens between two completely different person.happy 10th bhabhi

    Though we haven’t interacted much but I love the way to express your thoughts.I also have zeal to express but never pen down till down.

    Love to to read you.happy writing 👏👍👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Shikha! Your words are always encouraging. Do pen down your thoughts. It’s fun to revisit those thoughts again and again. And you are right, it’s better when two different kind of people marry. I wonder what would have happened had I married a reader. I wouldn’t want to share my books ha ha


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