No-cook, Protein packed Sattu laddoo recipe

DSC_1708_1Suddenly everyone is talking about ‘Sattu’; it has become the new super food that you must include in your diet. The eastern and northern parts of India (may be even central)  have always had Sattu as part of their diet, especially during scorching summer months; but for the benefit of everyone else, let’s understand what exactly Sattu is.

Simply put, Sattu is the powder of dry roasted Bengal gram. Sattu shouldn’t be confused with besan. While Besan is the flour of ‘raw’ gram, Sattu is the flour of ‘roasted’ gram.  Sattu is coarser and healthier.

Why Sattu laddoos make for an excellent snack for kids:

  • Extremely quick to make. Hardly takes 5 minutes. Just make it whenever the kids are hungry. No need to make and store.
  • Perhaps the easiest laddoo to make; easier than even peanut laddoo, certainly easier than besan laddoo. Can be made even by kids themselves.
  • A minimalist recipe. Don’t need to remember too many ingredients or any proportions.
  • No cooking involved.
  • Packed with nutrients like protein (23%), carbohydrates (64%), fat (13%) [ Source]. It is fiber rich and known to also contain Calcium, Iron and Magnesium.
  • Keeps you cool in hot summer.
  • Tasty

It is certainly my no. 1 go-to recipe for a healthy and quick snack for my 6 year old.


  • Sattu / Roasted gram flour
  • Sugar
  • Ghee / Clarified butter
  • Water


sattu laddoo

  • You have to take quantities according to your preference and taste.
  • I take the regular sugar, you may use powdered one. The regular sugar granules give a crunchy taste.


  • Take Sattu in a bowl.
  • Add sugar (as per taste), Ghee (that gives moist, rich taste) and water (only so much that it can bind the laddoo.
  • Mix everything and make balls or laddoos. That’s it.
  • Go ahead and eat 🙂

Note: Apologies for such poor quality pictures.


6 thoughts on “No-cook, Protein packed Sattu laddoo recipe

  1. These are things that south Indians like me never knew…but I am truly surprised that I was never introduced to sattu considering the North Indian upbringing of my husband & the mil. Very interesting and love that this ladoo can be prepared in mins.


    1. So, good to see you here! How are the kids? You must try this one. If it clicks with the kids, it is really a blessing. You can easily find Sattu on amazon. You are in India, right?


  2. Yes, absolutely give it a try. It is especially great during summer. We also drink Sattu by mixing it with water, and adding salt and roasted cumin powder. It is known to be cooling. Good to know about the kids. I’m sure must be crazy too sometimes. Even one is crazy enough, you are managing three. Hats off!


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