My name is Reema Sahay. I live in Pune, India. I am a Freelance Content Writer and Blogger. I was a Marketing Communication professional for 5.5 years, but since 2011, I have been a happy stay-at-home mother to my 6 year old son and partner to my best friend-turned-husband.

I have enjoyed my stints in Marketing and Advertising, but I have always believed that writing is my true calling. Writing content has always been part of my jobs, and I have also written articles and features sporadically over last couple of years.

I actually quit my job to become a writer but other things (like having a baby and raising him) took precedence. Along the way, I discovered Minimalism and mindful living; and my whole outlook towards life changed.

Minimalism is not new for Indians. Saving and living within means have always been part of our culture and upbringing. But our generation has bought into the idea of consumerism in a big way, and along the way we have lost focus of what is important.

In last 2 years, I have seen my life change in so many ways by pursuing Minimalism. You cannot imagine how much things can change by just taking small steps. Of course, there is a long way to go.

I have started this blog to chronicle my journey as an Indian Minimalist and share my experiences and thoughts on how mindful living has influenced my life.

You will typically find following topics on this blog:









You can write to me with your suggestions and comments at reemasahay[at]gmail[dot]com

If you want to know more about me, just hop on to my other blogs Mentally Present Physically Absent and Recommend Books.

Important: All pictures on this blog are owned by me, unless otherwise mentioned. In case, I have taken a picture from another site, I have provided the link for the original. If you choose to reuse my pictures, you must have my consent.


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